Visonic DUO200E Micro-ondes / PIR Détecteur de mouvement

Visonic DUO200E Micro-ondes / PIR Détecteur de mouvement

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Manufacturer Visonic
Manufacturer Product No. DUO 200 or DUO200E 0-1822-0
UPC 0780245189301
Input Voltage 9 to 16V DC
Current Drain About 23 mA @ 12V DC
PIR Detector Low noise dual-element pyroelectric sensor
PIR Trip Indication Green LED flashes for up to 5 seconds
PIR True Motion Event Verification Counter Selectable 1 or 2 motion events
PIR Lens Data
  • # of Beams: 34
  • Field of View: 90°
  • Maximum Coverage: 40' x 40' (12m x 12m)
PIR Vertical Adjustment +2° to -12°, by sliding the circuit board along a calibrated scale
Microwave Oscillator Microstrip DRO-stabilized type
Microwave Frequency 10.525 GHz in the USA, 2.45 GHz in the and Europe (2.45 GHz has no restriction in any EU member state)
Microwave Detection Range Adjustable from 25% to 100% (3m to 12m)
Microwave Trip Indication Green LED illuminates for up to 5 seconds
Alarm Indication Red LED illuminates for 1.3 to 5 seconds if both detectors trip
Relay Contacts
  • Normally Closed, 0.1A resistive /30V DC
  • 18 ohm resistor in series with contacts
Alarm Duration 1.3 to 5 seconds (red LED lights and output relay contacts open)
Temper Contacts Normally Closed, 0.1A resistive /30V DC
Trouble Output Open Collector, 100mA max, with 47 ohm resistor in series
Dimensions 2.4" H x 4.1" W x 1.3" T (104mm x 60mm x 32mm)
Weight 2.8 oz (80g)
Mounting Direct: surface or corner without bracket up to 8 feet (2.5 meters)



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