2 Cat-5e, 2 Câble RG6 Quad, Jacket 500ft

2 Cat-5e, 2 Câble RG6 Quad, Jacket 500ft

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Manufacturer: West Penn Wire
Manufacturer Product No.: HN5262
Dimensions: 500 feet x .62" diameter; spool: 15.5" H x 19.5" diameter
Jacket Color: Blue
Approvals: UL listed NEC type CM as defined in Article 800, constructed in accordance with UL standard 444; resistant to the spread of fire per Section 800 of the NEC


Materials: Solid bare copper conductor with gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation
AWG Size: 18
Insulation Nominal O.D.: .180 (4.57mm)
1st Shield Type: BiFoil (aluminum polyester aluminum tape)
2nd Shield Type: Aluminum braid 60%
3rd Shield Type: BiFoil
4th Shield Type: Aluminum braid 40%
Jacket Type: PVC
Nom. O.D.: .285" (7.24mm)
Nominal Capacitance: Conductor to shield: 16.2 pf per foot (53.1 pf per meter)
Velocity Of Propagation: 82%
Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms
Nominal D.C.R.: 6.5 ohms/1000 feet
Structural Return Loss: 5-850MHz: 23dB min.; 851MHz to 2.2GHz: 21dB min.
Jacket: Black, white

Cat 5e Specifications

Materials: Solid bare copper wire with thermoplastic insulation
AWG Size: 24
Insulation Nominal O.D.: .020 (51mm)
Jacket Type: PVC
Nominal O.D: .209" (5.31mm)
Nominal Capacitance: 14 pf/ft.
Nom. D.C.R.: 26 ohms/1000 feet
Nominal Impedance: 100 ohms
Nominal Velocity of Propagation: 68%
Jacket: Gray, pink
Conductors: Pair 1: white/blue - blue; pair 2: white/orange - orange; pair 3: white/green - green; pair 4: white/brown - brown


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